Designed with fun in mind - Classy Hen party!

Wine and food tasting are one of our most popular  Hen events. 

For the perfect wine-tasting hen party, you can choose a vineyard experience, wine bar & restaurant inside the ancient Palace, or the unique cellar ambiance by the river. 

This type of celebration is an elegant but fun way of creating an unforgettable experience which will guarantee to keep the party flowing.

It is a tailor-made experience, by your wishes and design, so contact us and have the unique Hen party going!

Totally different team-building wine event for companies!

Wine and food tasting is an elegant way to enjoy your successful business or get to know your team members! It is unique, not an everyday event, which will allow the whole team to experience something new, get to know each other better, and taste some amazing wines and food.

It will give you chance to make some memories together and by that improve your collaboration and team spirit.

Happy Wine-day to you! The best birthday party you can have!

We always do our best to make your birthday party memorable! With wine and food, great ambiance, and exclusivity, you can’t go wrong. This is a personalized experience, totally different than a regular party, where you will leave your birthday guests speechless – hopefully, still able to sing a Happy Birthday to you with the wine glasses up!

Whether you choose a vineyard experience or by the river with cellar sightseeing or a wine bar in the ancient city center, you are not going to be wrong! Fun is guaranteed!

Wine experience for your wedding week - whether it is an engagement party or a reception party!

This is the coolest idea for making your wedding week classy, and elegant but fun and different.  

Wine and food tasting by the river for your closes ones, or a wine bar party, private and unique, after which you can continue with your night out in the city center. Your guests will be thrilled with the wines, local food, elegant ambiance, and totally different experience. What a great introduction to your forever and ever day. 

It is tailor-made to your own wishes, so just relax and say yes, wine’’!

Anniversary party - wine and food tasting experience

It is a perfect anniversary celebration event, whether you want to keep it private for just the two of you, or you want to celebrate it with your loved ones. It is a combination of enjoying wines, tasting some delicious food, having fun, learning some new things and making  a lifetime memories.

We want you to have the best possible time while you are with us, so we can organize an event like this in a vineyard, in a wine bar inside the ancient Palace, by the river, or on the rooftop in the city center.

Contact us and we can arrange the perfect event for you